Affordable recording with high quality equipment and an experienced Engineer. Whether we rent out your favorite studio in town or my personal home studio, you will love the results!

 I will spend the time to make sure you love the mix of your song! I use tons of the top plugins and techniques to get the sound you're looking for, and cross reference it to make sure it sounds good on whatever you're listening with.


I include a free basic master on all songs that I mix. I focus on balancing the mix and getting a full level without removing all of the dynamics. There's more to mastering than just making it loud!



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Kasey completed his audio engineering education at Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences and has been recording and mixing music since. Prior to schooling, his interests in audio engineering took him into a vast self taught education at a very young age. Being one of the youngest entry attendees to his school, he graduated with a 4.0 GPA, perfect attendance, and a number of certifications in Pro Tools, recording consoles, and a variety of software.  Kasey enjoys listening to Underoath, The Beetles, The Story So Far, Saosin, any type of Rock, Metal, Acoustic, and Jazz, but loves working with artists of every kind. He is also a musician himself and has been a drummer for over 8+ years. He is very laid back, passionate about music, and no matter the type of music will be a great engineer for you.

I am certified in, and primarily use Pro Tools as my main mixing software with just about every major plugin you can imagine. I also use Logic Pro X generally for anything to do with midi drums, synths, or anything of the sort. At my home studio I use a Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56 for my primary interface, which has up to 16 inputs, 8 great sounding preamps, (two of which can model a number of vintage preamps) multiple headphone outputs and 0 latency DSP monitoring. I am also comfortable using analog recording consoles with outboard gear and tape machines if you are interested in renting out a studio.

At my home studio I have plenty of mics for every situation including full drum sets. I have dynamic mics, large diaphragm condensers, medium diaphragm condensers, and small diaphragm condensers. I have used most of the most well known mics out there including the U-87, and know great applications and placements for them. I own mics from Shure to Blue and am always adding more to my collection.


From Indie Rock to R&B

With songs like Borrowed Heart by Hezekiah Jones and many more talented artists, check out songs recorded, mixed, and mastered by Arcana Audio. We record the music of the now and the future.


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